Converting Complex Business Challenges Into

human-centered design

Kiosk Prototype


Re-engineering the self-service experience for a major fast-food restaurant chain.

Mobile App


SlickVPN creates a secure tunnel that encrypts all of your data and makes you anonymous online. Running seamlessly in the background, you can use the Internet as it was meant to be used: securely, privately, and anonymously.


Connecting Pathways

Ideation. Definition. Visualization. Validation.

Rushing to design is a genuine impulse fueled by the innate creative drive within every human. Unfortunately, lack of planning usually spells demise to a projects life cycle and ultimately spawns a model that falls short of its intended target. The metamorphosis of a meaningful user experience starts with data driven prototypes that both define and connect UX pathways for an effortless and engaging experience.

Business Application Design

Portal Enterprise Suite

A cloud-based, all-in-one solution covering all areas of business enterprise management.

Website Design

Ranger Tech

Redefining an online presence for IT recruitment and professional services. 

Website Design


NewsDemon is a premium USENET service providing high speed connections to newsgroup servers with the highest completion rate and retention rates available.

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