Taking back online privacy.


Crafting a privacy brand.


SlickVPN is a leading provider of virtual private network services, championing online privacy and anonymity. To bring the company’s image to life, an online brand presence was created, complete with account signup, website and app design. Creative direction was provided to ensure brand saturation across all media.

Conveying anonymity with a slap happy chameleon.


What better representative of stealth and anonymity than the chameleon? And a smiling one at that. His ability to adapt and blend into the background was the perfect focal point for designing a fun, eye-catching logo to represent SlickVPN’s brand.

Mobile experience.


With an ever expanding mobile user base, creating a VPN connection manager was imperative. A streamlined app was designed for optimum management of connections and quick access to user profile details. Adopting a playful approach, as a user clicked a server location, the chameleon would quickly pop in, flicking the location with its tongue, thus activating the connection.

Landing Page Design


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